This morning we woke to hear the awful news that our friends at AK Press, Oakland have suffered from a significant fire that started in an adjacent building. We understand there are two confirmed fatalities located in the property next door, while those that reside in the AK Press building managed to escape to safety.

AK Press have been inundated with letters and messages of support from around the world and Aotearoa Workers Solidarity Movement simply wish to add to that sentiment by offering the workers collective our thoughts from New Zealand’s distant shores.

Most anarchists who are fortunate enough to own a book or three will no doubt have at least one that was printed by AK Press. The collective was born in Stirling, Scotland whose founder Ramsey Kanaan named the group after his mum Ann Kanaan (AK Press) in 1987. Starting as a mail order distributor it has become a cultural cornerstone of the global anarchist community. Ramsey left with a number of others in 2007 but the workers cooperative continues to publish, distribute and inspire our dreams and desires.

The latest update from our comrades is that much of the damage sustained is from the sprinkler system however it wasn’t as destructive as they had feared. They are busy shoveling out the water and trying to assess the full consequences of the incident.

Kia kaha AK Press, our thoughts are with you all.

Aotearoa Workers Solidarity Movement