The port management company ICTSI (International Container Services Inc) is one of the top five major maritime terminal operators in the world. As such the company makes huge annual profits. At the moment ICTSI is attacking the wages and conditions of workers on the waterfront in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The Port of Tanjung Priok in North Jakarta is the largest container port in Indonesia, with half the total flow of goods in and out of the country going through the port. Workers at the ICTSI terminal there are paid as little as 15% of the equivalent wages for workers at other container terminals in Indonesia. This low pay means workers are forced to accept dangerously long shifts, just to earn a living wage. Some have had to work 300 hours in overtime a month as part of this. These extreme working hours put lives at risk .They have experienced threats, illegal underpayments, illegal outsourcing of labour and attempts at union busting. As an example of the latter, in March 2017 workers were called by the company. They were told to resign from their union, or their contracts would not be renewed. Of the eight workers who refused to resign, only three have had their contracts extended, whereas all those who resigned kept their jobs.

The workers are not passively accepting the situation. There have been massive rallies and strike action at the port by both truckers and port workers since 2016 and support has been forthcoming from maritime workers in Australia in particular.

AWSM extends its solidarity to our fellow workers in Indonesia. We call upon workers and their organisations to promote awareness of this issue as widely as possible and take whatever actions of support they are able to, wherever they may be.

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