As workers, the prospect of a new generation not being organised should worry us. The attacks we’re currently facing are the result of a ruling class seeking to kick us when we’re down; they perceive the union movement as weak enough to allow them to roll back the gains of previous decades, and they’re not wrong. With a crunch in union membership, there can be no doubt that they’ll see the opportunity to stick the boot in further.

But as anarchists, we have an answer. It’s the same answer as it always has been — organising democratically from the ground up and using direct action — but the size of the movement putting it into practice is growing.

Unions like IWW, IWGB and UVW in the UK are doing so in the workplace, and though they’re worthy of an article all on their own it’s worth mentioning that tenants and claimants groups as well as organisations like Sisters Uncut are doing similarly excellent work in communities.

The importance of all this is that it’s not just a more effective way of making and defending real gains in the present. Combined with an anti-state and anti-capitalist perspective, it’s the movement we need to build if we’re going to shape our own future as well.