The collective of Deliveroo couriers is on strike every Saturday to protest against a precarization of their status. Since last week, actions are taking place in several Belgian cities.

The collective of Deliveroo couriers in Belgium organises strike protests against a deterioration of their status. Last year, Deliveroo announced that all of their couriers would have to adopt the status of independent workers, payed per command, while up to now, the couriers could also get engaged via a temporary employment agency, and this way receive more protection through the status of employees. In order to fight against a precarization of their status, the collective, that gathers around 200 couriers, started strike actions last Saturday (January 13th) and plans to go on strike every Saturday until Deliveroo withdraws this measure that should become effective by the end of the month already.

Actions took place in several cities such as Brussels, Liege, Antwerp…In Brussels the group went collectively to several restaurants in the city center, that use the application and asked them to show solidarity and to switch off the device. In Liege, a spokeswoman of the collective announced that the couriers on strike would go to the restaurants that still use the application, receive the command, and distribute the food to homeless people.

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