Indonesian Port Workers Under Attack

The port management company ICTSI (International Container Services Inc) is one of the top five major maritime terminal operators in the world. As such the company makes huge annual profits. At the moment ICTSI is attacking the wages and conditions of workers on the waterfront in Jakarta, Indonesia. The Port of Tanjung Priok in North […]

Good Blacks, Bad Blacks

There is a campaign in the USA by sportspeople and others in support of black rights. The following article looks at the history of the way in which black people have been and continue to be defined in terms of a binary good/bad lense depending on the needs of the predominantly white power structure.

Don’t Ask ASSK

By (Guest Contributor) Pink Panther A refugee crisis is unfolding in Myanmar (or Burma). The Rohingya Muslims, who numbered about two million people, have been forced to flee into neighbouring countries. Almost one million of them have ended up in Bangladesh as refugees living in utter squalor. This is because the Bangladesh government and other […]

Non-Voting Is A Choice

As of today the country is still waiting to see which major party Winston First intends to support to form the next government. Many people didn’t vote. The majority probably out of sheer apathy or frustration. Anarchists also don’t vote, but for different reasons. We have an informed, positive motivation as part of a deeper […]

Save Mart

The second hand clothing store Save Mart has been accused of mis-treating its workers in some of its branches. The AWSM encourages people to express solidarity with their fellow workers by signing the petition in the link below, telling others about the case, contacting Save Mart to tell them how you feel or whatever other […]

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